Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chicago- Part I

I labeled this post "Part I" but it is actually the fourth time I've been to Chicago- I was there as a kid and went to an Oscar party for my cousin, I went there with my parents another time to visit family, and I went there for a wedding once too. Why isn't it part IV, then? Because it is the first one I'm blogging about, but there will be more, have no fear! I'm also not posting this in May, either, but that is because I'd like to keep things chronological, even if that means fabricating some posting facts.

Now, this time was to celebrate my Great Aunt Rose's 90th birthday. Never have I met another woman loved by so many because she gives so much love to everyone in her life. She's truly amazing. The party was cruise themed, and they went all out! I brought back a great little sailor hat and all sorts of decorations. All the food was amazing, even the buffet. They seared scallops right in front of me, and mixed pasta with whatever toppings and sauce I wanted. Everyone had a great time, and Aunt Rose partied till the end of it. They compiled a twenty minute video montage of her life, and it was so sweet (it also brought tears to my mother's eyes, but that was to be expected)! I was truly glad to go, and had a great time chatting with her and her daughter at the house the next day.

This was also my first trip to Chicago in a while, so we toured around quite a bit. Cousin Laure guided us through downtown and we had loads of fun in Millennium Park. We also took a trip to the aquarium because I honestly had never been to one before. It was pretty neat, but their ocean exhibit was being renovated so I missed out on the whales :( I did see some sea turtles, though... aye, sea turtles.

We also went to Berghoff's like, five times. No joke. It's a classic German restaurant that my Uncle Bob loves, so we were there for drinks, dinner, happy hour, lunch, it was super fun. I also got to experiment with all sorts of public transport- took taxis, trains, buses. I also have to admit to having to hail a cab once because I turned the wrong way down a street and by the time I realized I was lost and then figured out where I was supposed to go, I was running late. Haha, I'm surprised I only got lost once :)

All in all, it was a great trip and I got to catch up with lots of relatives, have yummy deep dish Chicago pizza (and it was not like anything I've ever had at Old Chicago's), relax, and tour around the city.

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