Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best of Barca: Pics are up!

Hello all. I've been back in town for a few days now, and have gotten my pics uploaded to share with the world! I had intended to post them a few days ago, but was distracted by all the *snow* all over the place the last couple days!

Here's the Placa del Sol in Gracia, a great place to sit, relax and chat with friends. It would also not happen here in Colorado because the idea of sitting outside on the cement in October is nothing I would wish on anyone in Boulder right now. However, in Barcelona, this pastime is quite nice!

You can view the album of my photos so far here Facebook Album: Best of Barca! You do not need a Facebook account to view them.

I also have some photos up at My Photobucket Barca Album, however, I haven't added pictures or titles yet, so it's a little rough still.

Here's a picture of my TESOL class celebrating our last day of classes at The Wembley. Some of our tutors and students showed up, and we all had a great time!

I am hoping to have some more time next week to really organize things, but if you are desperate for some pictures of beautiful Barcelona, those should do for now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last week in Barca!

Well, the time has absolutely flown by! I leave on Saturday, but I could probably spend a whole nother month here to see everything! The course has been keeping me pretty busy- I taught four lessons last week, and have three this week.We also have all sorts of projects due and tests this week, so the time will go by pretty quickly since we´re all busy. The hardest part for me is the phonemic script based on British pronunciation. It´s quite funny in class, Lizzy the Australian will say "oh right, but Jessica would say it this way- with the ´r´". I love my r´s! :) On Friday I had my advanced students write cover letters, and today we went over word stress in 4 and 5 syllable words, and I had them practice "interviewing" each other, which was pretty fun. I also made a  board game with the worst pun in the world-- "the word stress-ful job hunt". Ha ha.

It´s just now getting a bit cold here, although it´s been great weather mostly. I found a great park yesterday afternoon, which had a cafe playing music. There´s also a park right by my apartment building with some wonderful landscaping (palm trees!!) and lots of picnic areas. Last week a lot of us went to the Parc de la Ciutadella and also a fountain for a light´s show, all which was really fantastic.

There´s all sorts of plazas here. For the most part, the streets are fairly bleak as far as plants go, so it seems they try to fit in little parks wherever they can, and plazas for the open spaces. You can tell it´s a warm climate here, because even in October a common weekend evening activity is just sitting on the ground in the plaza, drinking Estrellas and chatting with friends. I can´t even imagine sitting on the cold Colorado cement in a street in October!

Well, we have a test tomorrow, but I am not too worried. Most will be multiple choice with some short answer. I suppose that means I should get to studying.....



Monday, October 5, 2009

Barcelona Update!

Hello all,

Last week ended up being super busy! I've already planned and taught two lessons, and will teach two more this week. Our Language Journals on Macedonian are due today, but mine is in good shape and looks great! Since everyone in the class has been working really hard, a few of us decided to relax this weekend! I  came into school at 10 on Saturday and worked until they closed the school (around 2 pm). After that, we headed to the beach! There was an international Fly Race going on (sponsored by Red Bull), so the beach was crowded, but we still got a great place. The planes were really neat to watch- I can't imagine doing something like that! After the rounds were over for the day, we all hopped in the water for some amazing salt water swimming. It was a beautiful, warm summer day and perfect after a week of hard work!

Well, I just wanted to give a quick update, now break time is over and it's back to lesson planning!