Sunday, September 27, 2009

Arriving in Barcelona!

Well, I am quite tired of travelling for an entire day, but am in my flat in Barcelona, and already have my suitcases unpacked and feel at home! My two room-mates are very nice, and the pace is only a couple metro stops away from the school I will be taking courses at, so that will be really nice.

As far as how the actual travelling bit went, I will leave you with the following observations:

Apparently, arrows on signs have a different convention here in Spain. What I would interpret as a "down" arrow is what they use to convey "continue forward", which of course greatly confused me as I was trying to  find the check-in kiosk  for my flight. They apparently have multiple check in terminals, and no train, so my 90 minute layover in Madrid turned out to be me searching for where to get my boarding pass for an hour, then literally running through security all to Gate E *81*, but I made it just in time to hop on the plane for Barcelona.

Now I'm here, and we're going out for some entirely far too needed coffee.. Yum yum.

Tomorrow is the first day of class, so I'll try to update you on that.

Nos vemos!

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