Friday, October 29, 2010

Starting Monday...

... I will start getting a little crazy. I have decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month again this year. I did it last year and had an awesome  time meeting new people, and of course, trying something completely new. For those who don't know, the idea is to write, during just the month of November, a 50,000 (fifty thousand) word novel. Crazy eh? The key is to tell everyone you know about it so that they can nag you constantly on your current word count. I believe as long as you writ 1667 words or so daily, you will finish. Last year I wrote a little sporadically, sitting down and committing a few straight hours some days and skipping others. Whatever works. The thing to remember is that by the end of the month I will have a novel. Will this year's product go the same place as last year's? Well, last year's novel is sitting in my  gmail account and staying there forever because it was pretty much not worth reading. I am trying to set myself up for a slightly higher standard this year however.

As far as standards go, I already have a plot and the contest doesn't start for a few days. That's pretty good, right? Also, in Peru, November 1 is All Soul's Day, and thus a national holiday. I can spend the whole day inside writing and get a great head start! I will be posting updates periodically throughout the month. Wish me luck!


  1. I think I'm going to do this this year. My work computer is down today, so I may just go home and write! Good luck!!

  2. GOOD LUCK!! I've done it 3 times and loved it. Didn't do it this year b/c November snuck up on me... Though, don't fear about your bad novel - writing one that quickly means it won't be an amazing finished work, but will take lots of editing and refining (maybe lots of rewriting too!). So don't give up. Also, I think March is NANOEDMO (National Novel Editing Month) but I don't know for sure as I've never done it. ;-)